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STOLcross is an exciting new aviation action sport that brings the adventure and excitement of Off Airport/Back Country "Bush" flying to a less remote venue. STOLcross was developed primarily as a venue to advance precision airmanship skills and improve flight safety for those operating “off airport”. It has become an opportunity to share and demonstrate the required precision airmanship skills with others in a more convenient observer friendly setting. Thou primarily educational it can be as much fun to watch as it is to do. 


Changing The Way The World Flies

STOLcross is an exciting new action adventure forum that brings the excitement of technical flying closer to the observer. By being able to actually observe up close, you get a greater appreciation for the advancement of ones precision airmanship that differentiates the STOLcross pilots and makes you want to advance your own skills.


As we develop and refine the STOLcross concept we hope we can bring it to multiple venues more convenient to others. This aerial demonstration will allow for multiple aircraft and their Pilots to showcase the advancement of their flying skills on a technical terrain challenged courses. Follow us through our Social Media for updates as we work to advance the craft.


Raising the bar  by exploring and expanding the envelope is what drives everyone to get better.  Through well planned out courses set up with appropriate safety protocols and progressive training this is now possible. STOLcross is the experience that will "change the way the world flies".


Multiple LZ's, each offering unique challenges, located in close proximity to each other, is the optimum venue to maximize the advancement of ones skills. Varying terrain constraints associated with each LZ provide opportunities for one to incrementally seek additional challenges commensurate with their  skill development without the need to endure "straight and level" travel time between otherwise remote sites.


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