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Modular Airplane

Build an aircraft better suited for the most challenging off-airport environments

Why Modular Airplane


  • Interchangeable parts

  • Standard interfaces

  • Easy to Build

  • Easy to Repair

  • Easy to Upgrade

  • Easy to Disassemble for Transport (or Recovery)

  • Quick Assemble

  • Repeatable

  • Cost Effective


Modular Airplane Part

An aircraft is an ecosystem of many interdependent parts. A modular approach provides more configurability and makes modifications much simpler:

  • Decoupling reduces complexity

  • Isolating opportunities to improve

  • Reduce cycle times for modifications​

Easily select from:

  • Various pitch trim configuration

  • Various air foil sections

  • Different travel

  • Different energy absorption

  • Energy dissipation


Modify individual parts to improve performance

For example, build in reserve capacity in cockpit module to provide added pilot safety and Maximize visibility

wind blocker5.jpg

Platfom for continuous improvement

  • STOLcross has exposed many opportunities to improve the performance of the aircraft with real time objective data.

  • •Modular construction builds in the ability to modify and upgrade more rapidly and cost effectively as the flight envelope evolves

  • Expanding flight environment challenges us to develop additional performance features to further expand the flight envelope.

  • Good visibility adds safety to operating in more constrained environments

  • Visibility at critical stages of flight in a key element of safety

Maximized visibility

  • A high-wing configuration provides the best downward visibility to enjoy the views provided by low and slow flying, and provides the pilot with the required visibility to be able to safely operate into unimproved areas – to be able to see and avoid obstacles.

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