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The Deadcow Flanigan NV

Dead Cow lakebed is a dry lakebed in Nevada - best known for the High Sierra Fly-In which occurs each year in the summer, where bush pilots from across the country gather to STOL, STOLDRAG and have fun!

TULLAHOMA Demonstration

Tullahoma was a test case to see how we could take the STOLcross concept out of the hills and move it to the more forgiving airport environment. Physical obstacles will replace many of the natural terrain challenges while giving more spectators a chance to enjoy a live demonstration of the precision airmanship skills a STOLcross course demands.

STOLcross practice in the High Dessert

The High Sierra Fly-in (HSF) has become an aviation festival like no other. Home to the STOL Drags, the HSF is a backcountry, off airport, airplane camping event. 


The AOPA STOL Invitational short takeoff and landing demonstration, coordinate masterful performances by 11 participating pilots just before the California sun set on June 21, and again at noon on June 22. Others might remember the weather, which was fantastic both days. Or the incredible opportunities for education and networking.

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